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The Scherise Saskia Podcast



Feb 7, 2019

Content is KING! YES, I can literally feel your 'eyes rolling' from where I am currently sitting and typing out this little message. That terminology is so overused now, yet, it still bears so much truth. However what MANY experts fail to mention is that not ANY old content that you have dragged together and hit copy and paste is going to to be really good content, or maybe even viral content.

In today's golden talk I will be Interviewing the amazing Marie. V.  Marie. V is a storytelling mentor who devotes her passion for stories to help women entrepreneurs build authentic connections and long-lasting relationships with their soulmate clients and become the go-to reference in their niche. 

She will be sharing GOLDEN SECRET practical tips on how to create captivating content, that will literally have your true followers hypnotized.

Follow Marie Here:

IG: @ladysuccessmarie 
Link to Brand Story Course at 27$ instead of $97: 
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